The purpose of the supervisory strategy document is to set the strategic priorities for 2020-2022 and plan the necessary activities for its execution, which, in consideration of the mission, the vision and the values, will serve for the fulfillment of the supervisory mandate of the National Bank of Georgia. The document facilitates the effective planning of the activities of the National Bank of Georgia, establishing clear future vision for the employees, enabling the sector to forecast future events, providing access to the investors, international financial institutions, rating companies, public and other stakeholders to the information regarding the supervisory priorities and goals of the National Bank of Georgia.

This document does not cover the issues related to the supervision of payment service providers and the representatives of capital market. The matters regarding the supervision of capital market and payment service providers will be added to this document in future. As for the strategy for payment systems, it will be published as a separate document.


Supervisory Strategy

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