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The National Bank of Georgia completed yet another project aiming at the advancement of financial literacy in the country; with the support of the European Fund for Southeast Europe Development Facility (EFSE DF), NBG developed two informative and easy-to-comprehend brochures for small businesses and future home owners.




Buying a Home with a Mortgage Loan – This practical manual is aimed at future home owners and discusses main aspects of taking a mortgage loan, including, risks and opportunities associated with it. Buying a house or an apartment is one of the most important decisions for any household. Thus, this brochure provides essential information to future home owners, helping them make sound financial choices and avoid over-indebtedness. This publication also offers a list of critical questions that borrowers should discuss with lenders before getting a mortgage loan.   


Improve Your Financing Decisions – This publication teaches consumers how to realistically assess risks related to  foreign currency borrowing. The brochure is primarily aimed at small business owners, offering them practical and easy to follow advice for fostering own businesses. The brochure covers realistic examples of Georgian businesses and provides recommendations for assessing the suitability of FX borrowing. The publication is accompanied by three practical tools – Cash Flow tool, Balance Sheet tool, and Debt Service Ratio tool – which will help small businesses make better financial decisions.




მიიღეთ უკეთესი ფინანსური გადაწყვეტილებები  
პრაქტიკული მოდელები
ბინის შეძენა იპოთეკური სესხით  

Improve Your Financing Decisions Practical Tools

Buying a Home with a Mortgage Loan
Принятие эффективных финансовых решений  Практические инструменты

Покупка жилья в кредит  










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