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What purposes can the lari symbol be used for?

Most monetary systems have their symbols, the most popular among which are the following: $, €, ₣, ¥ – US Dollar, Euro, Franc, and Yen. Currency symbols are short, easy to remember and comfortable to use. This is their primary and most important purpose – to denote a particular currency.

What is the concept of the lari symbol based on?

The concept of the lari symbol is based on the letter “Lasi” (L) of the Georgian “Mkhedruli” alphabet.

The lari symbol is a new glyph – a graphic sign. Adding to vertical parallel lines to the simple, single-curve “Lasi” results in a stylized image of a full, three-curve letter “Lasi”.

What are the limitations regarding the use of the lari symbol? 

There are no limitations regarding the use of the lari symbol; there are, however, recommendations you can learn about in the “Lari Symbol Implementation Principles and Supplementary Manual”. For detailed information visit the webpage

Is there a rule about the placement of the lari symbol with nmbers? 

The lari symbol should mainly be placed after numbers, with a small distance in between. An exception to the standard rule is when the lari symbol is used with other currency symbols, in non-Georgian texts, where such symbols traditionally come before the number

Is the registration of lari symbol planned in the Unicode? 

The National Bank of Georgia submitted the registration to the Unicode Consortium after the approval of the symbol. The registration process in the Unicode takes several months and includes the registration in the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) as well. According to the existing information the appearance  of lari symbol is supposed to be in the eighth version of Unicode which is planned to be issued in June of 2015. According to the preliminary information lari symbol will be placed in the block 20BE. 

How can the lari symbol be used in text processors (e.g. Microsoft Word)? 

Most of the fonts popular nowadays do not include the lari symbol. Thus a special font “Lari” has been created comprising a set of lari symbols adjusted to different frequently used fonts. For example, if you use Times and require a lari symbol adapted to this font, you switch to the “Lari” font and select the appropriate symbol. For detailed information visit the webpage - .

You can also download the font from the same address.

What does adapting the lari symbol mean?

The lari symbol is not a trademark that must have a single image. The standard image of the lari symbol can be altered based on particular concepts. The symbol can be adapted according to the demands of particular fonts - in order to naturally merge with them.

Is there a manual for adapting the lari symbol?

“The Lari Symbol: Implementation Principles and Supplementary Manual”, the special document, implemented by the National Bank of Georgia is available on the webpage - in both English and Georgian languages. The manual is also available for downloading in PDF format. 

What are the main elements of the lari symbol glyph?

The lari symbol is comprised of two elements: a single-curve, simple “Lasi” creating a “tail” at the point of the arc merging with the base and two vertical parallel lines crossing the arc.

What are the standard (original) proportions of the symbol?

The information about the standard proportions of the lari symbol is available at the following link –

Are there any adaptation limitations regarding the angle of the symbol?

If the font the lari symbol is being adapted to is angled or italic, the lari symbol has to naturally merge with it. 

Using the symbol, is it okay to use more than one color?

The lari symbol is not a trademark that should have a particular color. Thus, there are no limitations regarding the color of the lari symbol.

Are there any recommendations regarding the intersections of the character strokes?

Based on the task you can create a lari symbol with beveled strokes or without them. Both versions are acceptable. Though it must be kept in mind that in the first case, each beveled stroke must be parallel to the other and create a 45° angle.  

Is there a particular rule about the structure and layout of vertical lines?

There are two types of recommendations regarding the layout of vertical lines relative to one another and the “Lasi” symbol. Recommendations are available on the webpage -

How is the height of the lari symbol defined?

The height of the letter “Lasi” is defined in a particular font according to the top edge of the zero (0) character, and the two parallel lines extend beyond it.  

How to use the Lari symbol with price indicators?

The lari symbol must be placed after the number, with the size and design identical to those of the number; when used with decimal prices indicated in a smaller font, the lari symbol remains the size of and is written on the same line as the whole number.









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