Money Market

The interbank deposit/credit market represents the money market where banks trade with each other with short-term excess liquidity. This market is an area of high interest for the National Bank of Georgia because it plays a crucial role for the monetary policy transmission mechanism. The NBG influences rates on the interbank market by publicizing its monetary policy stance and using policy instruments. By monitoring the conditions on the interbank market on a daily basis the NBG is able to calculate the TIBR-1 and TIBR-7 rates (see the statistics) which it publishes on its website before 12:00. TIBR-1 is the weighted average interest rate on overnight interbank loans. TIBR-7 is the weighted average interest rate on interbank loans with a maturity of up to seven days.


List of participants joined REPO Master Agreement 


N    Bank Name     Joining Date
 1  JSC "Silk Road Bank"  7-Jul-17
 2  JSC "BasisBank"  10-Jul-17
 3  JSC "Bank of Georgia"  11-Jul-17
 4  JSC "Finca Bank Georgia"  12-Jul-17
 5  JSC "International Bank of Azerbaijan-Georgia"  12-Jul-17
 6  JSC "Credo Bank"  12-Jul-17
 7  JSC "TBC Bank"  13-Jul-17
 8  JSC "VTB Bank Georgia "  13-Jul-17
 9  JSC "Terabank"  14-Jul-17
 10  JSC “Pasha Bank Georgia”  18-Jul-17
 11  JSC "Liberty Bank"  19-Jul-17
  12 JSC “ProCredit Bank”   2-Aug-17



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