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Money Exhibition

The Money Museum of the National Bank of Georgia is the only one in this country that is fully dedicated to money. The exhibits lead the onlookers through the centuries–old history of money circulation in Georgia during twenty-six centuries: Colchian tetri, Alexander the Great stater, coins of the Roman Republic and Empire, Parthian Coins, Sassanian Drachm, Georgian-Sassanian Drachms, Arab and Arab-Georgian Dirhems, Byzantine Nomismas, Coins minted by the Kings of the united Georgian Kingdom. (Bagrat III, Bagrat IV, King David the Builder, Demetre I, Giorgi III, Tamar, Lasha-Giorgi IV, Rusudan, David VI Narin and David VII Ulu, Demetre II the “Devoted”, David VIII, Vakhtang III and George V the “Brilliant”). The exhibition also shows the Dirhams from the period of Mongolian dominance, Trabzonian Aspers, XIV-XV century Georgian coins, coins minted in XVI-XVIII by the Georgian Kings as well as civic coppers  minted in Tbilisi in XVII-XVIII century, different types of coins of Kings Teimuraz II and Erekle II, Iranian coins of the Safavid and the Efsarid, Ottoman money, European  gold Ducats and silver Talers, Georgian-Russian money minted in Tbilisi in 1804-1834, also old banknotes and coins of Russian Empire, paper money issued in Georgia after the revolution of 1917, namely the Banknotes issued by the Transcaucasia commissariat in 1918, Notes issued in 1918-1921 by the independent Democratic Republic of Georgia. Paper money issued by Transcaucasian Soviet Federation Socialist Republic in 1921-1924 after the occupation and annexation of Georgia by soviet Russia, Soviet union Roubles.

The “Burial” is located in the central part of the museum hall. The exhibition displays the protection scene of money and general treasures for centuries.


In the exhibition provides a comprehensive picture of National Currency - Lari. One can see Lari Banknotes printed in different years and the Georgian circulating Tetri coins, original materials used for the production of money, as well as a special literature dedicated to the Georgian Currency at the exhibition.

Museum visitors have opportunity to get acquainted with the modern world money as well, which is widely represented in the museum. This part of the exhibition provides a good service to the public interested in the modern world currencies.

There is also another showcase especially dedicated to the National Bank of Georgia, where visitor can familiarize with the Central Bank’s History, mission, function and duties.

The national Bank’s Money Museum aims not only at enhancing the public’s knowledge and understanding of the Georgian national monetary heritage, but also at providing full, unlimited information about the latest achievements of numismatics and bonistics both in this country and abroad. It contributes to popularization of money as a piece of art and a symbol of statehood, reveals the level of its development in the history of Georgia and the contemporary world.  Educational trainings and guided excursions are regularly held for students and pupils.

One can also purchase the collector’s items issued by the National Bank of Georgia at the Money Museum cash desk. Georgian Collector and Investment coins, Georgian Lari Banknotes and coins, Gold Bars, books, souvenirs and replicas of old coins. Payment can be made in cash or via bank transfer.

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