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Upgraded 100 Lari denomination banknotes will be into circulation from November 1, 2016

From November 1, 2016, on all over the country upgraded 100 Lari denomination banknotes will be in circulation along with the banknotes of the previous emissions.

Original and well-known Lari banknote themes have been preserved on upgraded 100 Lari denomination banknotes, but at the same time, histories featured on the banknotes have been diversified with distinct, new elements. The modified design presents Georgian cultural and historical heritage with more precision and modern appearance. 

The upgraded 100 Lari denomination banknotes are protected with modern and high technological and security features that, at the same time, are easily intelligible to the users. Furthermore, the banknotes are marked with special improved features for visually impaired people.

Upgraded banknotes are made with special materials and security mechanisms that make them robust against contamination and natural wear-and-tear.

For more information, 100 Lari denomination banknotes were upgraded with 20 and 50 Lari denomination banknotes. We remind you that upgraded 20 and 50 Lari denomination banknotes are in circulation from February 1, 2016. As for the banknotes in denominations of 5 and 10 lari will be upgraded later.

It must be noted, that upgraded Lari has already gotten the first international recognition. On March 15, 2016 at the HSP EuropeTM conference held in Bucharest, which covered European and CIS countries, the upgraded Lari banknotes (20, 50 and 100 Lari notes) were announced as the winners of "The Regional Banknote of the Year 2016."

The detailed information about the 100 GEL updated banknotes is available on the special web-page:  
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